Create impact not just a sign


At TBKD we pride ourselves on the visual appeal of our finished product.  Each client has different needs but also deserves to have that unique design evoke emotion or response from an audience.  Using the advanced modelling techniques at our disposal, our team has the ability to far exceed the scope of traditional sign makers and trade show display manufacturers in creating visual pieces with depth and charisma.

This does not mean we exclude ourselves from those markets, but rather allow our clients the choice of the traditional, or bring that classic design to a new level of appeal.  Our 3D sign and display creation techniques can either mimic a traditional neon sign or grant the opportunity to revisit the look while adding a infinite range of custom sign possibilities.

Cree version of UP logo


We are excited to share with you our latest signage project, comprised of a Cree version of Unlimited Potential Community Service logo. Symbolizing their traditional logo through two, hand sculpted eagle feathers and accompanied by the company name written in Cree; we worked together with UP’s staff following Cree guidelines and created a unique 3D sign that complements their corporate interior in Edmonton.